Travel Tips – Getting Into The Spirit Of New Orleans

Travel Tips – Getting Into The Spirit Of New Orleans
So, you are planning your holidays to New Orleans. This is great news, however; did you know you are probably traveling to one of the most notoriously haunted cities in the United States? That’s right besides millions of visitors to Madi Gras, the Jazz Fest and just for the city itself, there are others there that we can’t see, or can we? That’s up to you and your own fascination and imagination. If you are going to New Orleans for a different kind of excitement, you might want to check out it’s colorful and even checkered history and discover some of the most haunted places in the area.

To be able to enjoy the darker more haunted side of the city you must let your natural curiosity run wild. You need to just completely let go and make sure that you visit all of the places that most of the locals guarantee are haunted.

Be brave and don’t let the thought of ghosts and spirits stop you from having some pretty thrilling times. Your bravery will help a lot when you go inside one of the many homes that are considered to be haunted, or if you decide to go to a cemetery that you have heard is one of the scariest in town. Some of the more famous spots you might want to check out would be Madame Lalaurie’s Mansion, the St. Louis Cemetery as well as the Saint John Bayou. There are many tour guides that will be more than willing to take you to any of these locations with a little bit of prodding and some good hard earned American cash.

While you are doing your walking around some of these places that are reported to be haunted make sure that you let your imagination revert back to your childhood so that you are up for anything. See, even if you don’t actually see a ghost, let your imagination visualize for you, you may not see one, but you still might experience the presence of one nearby.

We all know, there is a world other than ours that is a supernatural world, a world that we can’t enter until it’s our time, but there are certain circumstances that may enable them to have a way to touch us from there. So let your mind be an open book. You need to have an open mindset so that you will freely step into the unknown and be willing to accept what happens.

It is always a good idea to bring either your digital camera or camcorder with you when you are on one of these haunted tours. Not only are the places you going wonderful to capture, but you never know when something might happen that you want to capture. Also, even if you can’t see something, there is something about the camera or camcorder that sometimes enables them to capture strange things that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Note: This is not meant to be funny, if you decide to go for a walk in any of the cemeteries in New Orleans, never do this on your own. No matter where you go, it’s important to know that there is always far much more safety when you travel in numbers. So take friends or go with one of the tour groups that have special tours that you can take through these eery yet beautiful places.

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New Orleans Education 3.0

New Orleans Education 3.0

After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans school districts were in shambles. Eighty-five school districts were hurt by the natural disaster. A district called Jefferson Parish was granted twenty million dollars from Cisco to turn sixteen of its schools into models of the new education 3.0. Education 3.0 is a new model for schools that have full wireless connectivity, all new network upgrades, advanced classroom technology and upgraded date centers, plus a lot more. The education 3.0 is a total overhaul from the traditional school ways. Not only does education 2.0 incorporate technology into its classrooms, the classrooms revolve around it.

By having all classrooms and educational buildings begin to change to the new education 3.0 it will greatly impact learning on the 21st century student. Educators and officials need to realize that the 21st century kids learn different than back in the day and schools need to change their curriculums according to the new technological standards of this century. How are schools going to prevent dropouts and prevent failure if they don’t catch the student’s attention? As much as we think that school is school and a student shouldn’t have to be entertained at school, its important for school officials to realize that maybe bringing in more interesting lesson plans will help the students to get better grades. Not only do better grades help the student but also it boosts schools ratings by having a majority of successful students.

With education 3.0 not only do the students reap the benefits from this, the schools do also. The more technology a school has to offer and the more technology it utilizes the smoother a school operates. In turn a smoother operating school produces better jobs, better students and happier teachers and staff. Teachers are beginning to have fun while teaching and instead of the old, watch a lecture and take notes; every lesson now revolves around technology. Weather it be talking to a class while presenting a 3-d lesson plan, utilizing computers or the internet, using handheld technological devices to help assist with class work or something as small as a new projector to project information fro the internet, all of these assist education 3.0 in making the schools fully technological.

Education 10 was the basic lecturing in front of a chalkboard. The old education 2.0 was a program designed to incorporate 21st century technology into the classrooms. As this began to be a success, Cisco realized they needed to go above and beyond to make a real difference in student’s grades and demeanor while in school. While education 2.0 replaced chalkboards with projectors and educational software, education 3.0 replaced traditional projectors with 3-d projectors and glasses for all the students to be able to dissect a 3-d image.

Its so important for schools to change their traditional ways and fully make the classrooms based o0n technology, this world revolves around technology now and if students don’t have the correct skills technology wise, jobs will be hard to find.

Patricia Hawke is a staff writer for Schools K-12, providing free, in-depth reports on all U.S. public and private K-12 schools. Patricia has a nose for research and writes stimulating news and views on school issues. For more information please visit New Orleans Private School Rankings and New Orleans Public School Rankings

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New Orleans Rapper remixes Nolia Clap on Conquering Hero Mixtape

New Orleans Rapper remixes Nolia Clap on Conquering Hero Mixtape


Da Unforgettable Coul


Music Launched by Checkerz Promises Entertainment in a Fresh, New Way


Santa Barbara, CA, January 8, 2011 — Do you love music and education? Have you been to New Orleans? Do you have the time to absorb the New Orleans Big Ez lifestyle for a few minutes? Well sit back, put your feet up (both of them), and relax?

Perhaps you think its an old tune/chune from Rap A Lot and old school Juvenile before Reality Check and “Animal.” Well this is an entirely different perspective challenging you to suspend your judgement, segregation, discrimination, and so forth! Take it easy, enjoy! No Worries! You can still use your brain when thinking of others instead of wrongly using your will on others alluding to Steve Jobs, the apple CEO killing pet projects out of revenge.

We all know who owes money to Troy Coulon and his agency gets theirs in two music videos now on youtube. Investments gone bad = Troy Coulon’s Investor Therapy mixtape. This piece, however is past all that and the Nolia Clap remix is off the Conquering Hero mixtape. It takes shots at trust funds and college rappers. Thereʼs no need to worry anymore, because Troy Coulon now brings the solution and satisfies countless timeless emotional needs via a song called “Nolia Clap” and its an exciting opportunity for the red carpet treatment.

Getting front page news on in 2007 and surfacing in the story of the week for the National Heritage Area, Troy Coulon has experienced a taste of success and deserves more.

In addition to the single, he will shortly release “The Rise of Music” album on itunes! That includes singles “Peanut Butter” and “Detroit Gunslinger.” Gunslinger was leaked hence it is now for sale.

In addition to the digital distribution, Troy Coulon released a music video on youtube that provided entertainment for muscle car blogs and youtube viewers. There is also a line of coul notes available on itunes and sometimes available on to go along with his style of “coul” music.

For more information, good luck in contacting this adventurous conquering hero .

Troy Coulon began…

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Exploring Audubon Park And City Park In New Orleans

Checking Out Audubon Park And City Park In New Orleans
The town of brand new Orleans has many beautifully improved areas that are a delight to see. They’ve been built strategically at historic places to enhance the magnificence associated with surrounding area. Regardless if you are using a stroll or going on a family group picnic, brand new Orleans has actually an array of parks to choose from. Lets check out two of the very favored parks in New Orleans.Audubon ParkAudubon Park is known as after the famous ornithologist, John J. Audubon and is built right beside the Audubon Zoo. The zoo and park are spread across 300 miles of land in uptown area, close to the Tulane and Loyola universities. This land ended up being utilized for 1857 Worlds Fair and later became a sugar plantation site. It had been on this land that sugar was first granulated.

This sprawling playground today includes the Audubon Park Golf Course and is beautifully improved with beautiful oaks and gazebos. You can also make use of the state-of-art exercising services offered at the playground. With a 4.5 celebrity rating and a 62 – hole scenic program, Audubon Park is a goody for visitors. The cycle around the greens is totally free of any traffic and it is frequented by in-line skaters, joggers and cyclists. Horse riding and tennis services are also available within site. With the zoo right beside the park, you will enjoy an entire time in the area. City Park City Park is 1500 miles of natural beauty and fun-filled activities for your household. It will be the fifth biggest urban playground in the usa of The united states. The panorama of the City Park includes beautiful landscaped botanical gardens, a conservatory, fabulous outside recreational use, as well as the marvelous New Orleans Museum of Art. The Botanical Gardens within the playground toss light regarding the cultivation process that keeps the playground’s stunning flora.

The Train Gardena features a colossal train put operating on a 1300 foot track. This might be a huge hit with young ones. The Children Storyland is another specialty of most kids visiting the park. The amusement playground features a carousel maintain the kids jumping with glee. The town Park offers numerous outdoor activities such as for example sailing, tennis, horse riding, and golf. This can keep carefully the entire family members gladly occupied. The popular Bayou Oaks Golf Facility has actually a two-story lighted driving range and 4 eighteen-hole tennis programs. It’s found in the center of this City Park.

The park also incorporates this new Orleans Museum of Art. The museum is a visual pleasure and homes over 40,000 pieces of African, United states, Japanese, and French artwork. An entrance fee is charged on all days, except for Thursday, whenever public is admitted for free. The playground features concerts, art occasions, and films with this time, too.

These beautiful parks are a necessity for your schedule once you see brand new Orleans. Your visit to this beautiful city would-be partial without seeing these splendidly landscaped areas.

Exploring Audubon Park and City Park in brand new Orleans is a vacation guide from Tripopedia, a travel encyclopedia. Understand things to do, places to see in brand new Orleans and eateries.