Singer Alex Chilton Passed Away At 59 in New Orleans

Singer Alex Chilton Passed Away At 59 in Brand New Orleans

The Memphis’ Commercial Appeal Wednesday (March 17) reported singer of container Tops, Alex Chilton, features died possibly after a heart attack at age 59.

Based on the Commercial Appeal, Chilton had some health conditions in present time. He had been taken up to a crisis space in a hospital in New Orleans where he passed away. His band spouse in Big Star, Jody Stephens, announced about their death into site. Alex Chilton along with his musical organization will be on-stage at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin this Saturday.


Alex Chilton was born to a musical family on December 28, 1950, in Memphis, Tennessee. His daddy Sidney Chilton, was a jazz musician.


Alex Chilton became famous as he participated in a talent show at his Memphis’ Central high-school. He rose to popularity during the age of 16 when a band known as The Devilles recruited him as his or her lead singer. The musical organization later on changed to Box Tops. The musical organization had been most commonly known for the track “The Letter” in 1967. Other hits associated with the musical organization included “Cry Like a child” (1968) and “Soul Deep” (1969). The team disbanded in February 1970 as just Chilton and guitarist Gary Talley stayed and moved into independent career. In 1971, Chilton, Chris Bell, Jody Stephens and Andy Hummel formed the major Star in 1971.


In 1972, the band introduced its first album “no. 1 Record” accompanied by “Radio City” and “Third/Sister fans.” Despite maybe not fulfilling the commercial claims, the band’s songs had considerable affect pop music years and indie functions. The band disintegrated in 1974 and reunited a lot more than 20 years later. The band is active so far. Some well-known tracks associated with the band were “The Ballad of El Goode”, “September Gurls” and “on the street.”


Alex Chilton had been recognized to songs listener as an United states songwriter, guitar player, singer and producer. He left alone his spouse, Laura, and son, Timothy.

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